Stop the Bleeding

Stop the Bleeding


Can't Stop The Bleeding (feat. Gary Clark Jr. & Gramatik)

Curad Bloodstop Hemostatic Gauze, Helps Stop Bleeding Quickly, 1" x 1", 10 Count

  • For cuts, abrasions, or nosebleeds - Assists and speeds clotting for most common injuries in one minute or less
  • Made of 100% natural fiber cellulose - A safe hemostatic wound solution for cuts, abrasions and nose bleeds
  • Bio-compatible and non-irritating - Will not harm or irritate flesh and skin when used properly
  • Stays on wound without the discomfort of adhesive - Appropriate for use in situations when tape might aggravate injuries
  • Not made with natural rubber latex - Can be used comfortably by people who are sensitive or allergic to natural rubber latex
  • Stop The Bleeding

    WoundSeal Powder 4 Each (Pack of 2) - Wound Care First Aid for Cuts, Scrapes and Abrasions - Stops Bleeding in Seconds Without Stitches or Bandages - Safe and Effective for People of All Ages and Pets

  • STOP BLEEDING IN SECONDS from lacerations, abrasions and wounds with Wound Seal Powder. This innovative powder combines with blood to form an instant scab, sealing out dirt and impurities to help accelerate healing.
  • HYDROPHILIC POLYMER and potassium ferrate powder creates a protective scab that becomes waterproof in just an hour. Because it does not rely on clotting factors, WoundSeal even works for people who easily bleed.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE for the whole family, from grandparents to children and even the family pets. Respond quickly to kitchen accidents, skinned knees and DIY mishaps wherever they occur.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY single-use tubes can be carried in a pocket, purse, backpack or carry-on luggage. Carry WoundSeal Powder at the playground, while camping or on vacation, wherever cuts and abrasions occur.
  • MADE IN THE USA, FDA cleared and tested by the Department of Defense, WoundSeal Powder has been widely used by health professionals across the country, including doctors and emergency technicians.
  • Stop the Bleeding

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  • CURAD QuickStop Bleeding Control Spray, For Minor Cuts & Scrapes, .81oz (1 Count)

  • CURAD QuickStop spray powder helps to quickly stop minor bleeding
  • Ideal for minor cuts and scrapes
  • No sting formula gently covers wide scrapes and irregular shaped wounds
  • Top Performance MediStyp Pet Styptic Powder with Benzocaine – Stops Pain, Stops Bleeding From Minor Cuts, 1/2-Ounce Size

  • Necessary for Pet Owners – Veterinarians, groomers and pet owners will benefit from having styptic powder available
  • Blood Stop for Nails – If you trim the nails on your pet and cause a nick, the MediStyp powder will stop the bleeding quickly
  • Meets Standards – The Top Performance MediStyp powder product meets or exceeds all of the Professional Pet Groomers and Stylists Alliance standards
  • Application Process – Use a clean moistened applicator to apply the power to the cut and then apply gentle pressure
  • Infection Reduction – The styptic powder works to keep the cut clean and reduce the possibility of infection
  • Can't Stop The Bleeding (feat. Gary Clark Jr. & Gramatik)